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Online Booking Has Come To Heavenly Hair & Amaya Spa

The world is always spinning, evolving and advancing, and our salon is no exception.

This year we’re looking at making changes both big and small all to help the well-being of our team, our clients, and our impact on the environment. Whilst we have always prided ourselves on the products we use, because they are the highest of quality, things change, and so does the industry. You may see us bring in new brands over the next coming months which follow our ethos of being as natural as possible, without parabens and sulfates, and looking at colour ranges which are specifically suited to those who may have reacted in the past to colours.

Not only this, but we are looking at a refill service for you’re aftercare products, and reducing our waste in the salon.

Right now though, our focus is our clients and our team. You may have noticed a change in opening hours, we are now open longer on a Thursday night, to provide those after work appointments which have been so heavily requested. The salon is now closed on a Wednesday, this enables us to partake in training, without having to take time away from your favourite appointment slots.

And finally, we have online booking!

This means you can book and change your appointments online. As this is a new experience for us, we’re sure there will be some teething issues, so please offer your feedback. We are only intending to start with limited services online, and will expand them as we go.

Due to some of the limitations of our booking system, it is important that you select the right price range for your select stylist.

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